Easy Ways You Can Help

Here are some simple ways you can help the Malamutes with CHAAMP.  For more ideas, see the Want to Help? tab.


Check our FACEBOOK PAGE for fundraising events going on (you don't have to be a Facebook member to see our page). You never know when or where our fundraiser group will pop up! 


Shopping through Amazon?  Go to smile.amazon.com/, select Chesapeake Area Alaskan Malamute Protection as your charity, and then bookmark the page for your jumping off page for purchases for Amazon.  CHAAMP has really benefited from this. 


Visit our wish list on AMAZON for items we need.  


CHAAMP is proud to be a Partner for Pets! BISSELL and LostPetUSA.net have teamed up to help organizations like ours raise money, and now you can help too! When you purchase pet products on bissell.com and enter the code ADOPT at checkout, a portion of your purchase will be donated to our organization! 

It’s simple.
• Shop pet products on www.bissell.com
• Enter the code ADOPT at checkout
• Then select our organization!

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Need a dog door for your Mal?

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Spring is upon us and our dogs are as anxious as we are to get into their forever home.  Right now we are full.  If you are not able to adopt but can foster, this would be a big help to us as it makes room for another dog for us to bring in.  Click on the dogs name and you will be sent to our Petfinder page with more information and pictures about each dog.  Don't worry, it will open in a separate window so you won't loose us.


Bucky is a very strong willed young man. Born August 2014, he will test you every day, to see what he can get away with, like a child. Attending obedience training is a must as part of Bucky's adoption contract. He's a loveable boy, a wonderful companion, who will benefit from positive reinforcement training. 



Axel has not had an easy life. Born in 2011, he was used on an Amish puppy mill farm. His coat was completely matted and full of debris. The end of his ears have fly strike scars, and his tail has had frost bite. Very large at 124 lbs, Axel is thankfully an easy going guy. He leans on you at every opportunity for some body rubs. Typical Malamute, Axel cannot live with small pets of either gender nor any male dogs. Depending upon the disposition, Axel could possibly live with a large fur-sister.


Queen Bear is Princess’ sister and has also made amazing improvements since CHAAMP brought her into rescue.  Queen is in great shape now after losing 20+ lbs and her itchy, icky fur has grown back silky soft.  Queen enjoys her walks but her heart is snuggled up next to you getting kisses and belly rubs.  Queenie will do best with an experienced owner who is consistent yet loving as Queen can be a bit bossy and stubborn but she responds well to positive training using treats and kind patience.

Lilac about 18 months old

Who could resist this cute face?! Lilac is about 2 years old and full of puppy energy. She will need exercise at least twice a day to keep her out of mischief. Very sweet and friendly with people, Lilac greets everyone with a tail wag. Lilac definitely cannot live with cats, nor other dogs of any size. While Lilac has not lived in a house, she does go potty on leash so house breaking should be quick


Bootsie is a full speed ahead young lady! Boots will require strenuous daily exercise. Quite exhuberant, Boots would love to learn agility, go on long hikes and/or weight pull. Shy at first, Boots quickly warms up and starts zipping around. Very strong for her size, Boots will benefit from positive reinforcement training, and lots of love. She does not do well with other dogs, any size, either gender.


Princess came to us with ear and yeast infections.  She has really turned around since arriving and has mended well.  Her fur is starting to grow back in and we know she will be a beauty once again very soon. 


Brieanna is an easy girl ... she is 6 years old, house trained, walks well on leash, has lived with children and large male dogs. 


Daisy is about 18 months old and most likely a Siberian Husky/mix. She tends to be initially shy with men, but quickly warms up. Daisy can be quite talkative, and isn't fond of being contained. If left alone unsupervised, so far, she has not been destructive. Typical Northern breed, Daisy is not friendly with female dogs of any size. Nor does she tolerate small pets. She may be able to live with a large, laid back male dog. 

Red Rosie

Red Rosie is about 2 years old and a very friendly girl. She's playful with large male dogs and has been living with small children. Rosie does not tolerate small pets of either gender and the reason she was released to us.


Lottie, born in October 2014 is a sweet girl, friendly with humans and large male dogs. Typical Mal, Lottie cannot live with small pets, nor with female dogs of any size. She walks well on leash and is eager to please her people.


Frosty, born in March 2013 is a BIG girl. She's 110 lbs and not overweight at all. She was released by an Amish puppy mill when she did not produce puppies for them to sell. She's young and full of energy. Strenuous daily exercise will be a must to keep Frosty from being bored and destructive. Very friendly with people, Frosty would have fun at a basic obedience class. Frosty cannot live with small pets of either gender, nor female dogs of any size. She would do well with a large mellow male dog.


There is nothing more rewarding and heart warming than adopting a senior. Cider is about 10 years old and has many more years of love to offer. Sweet, gentle and adorable, Cider would thrive with a family. Currently undergoing heart worm treatment, Cider asks for nothing more than someone to lean on and a soft bed.

Aurora - lived with cats

Aurora, or Rory as we call her is a BIG girl. She's currently 130 lbs and needs to lose 30+ lbs. We've had blood work done, expecting her to be low thyroid, however her levels are acceptable. Luckily Rory likes to take long walks and she can move along/trot at a decent pace, which is helping with her weight loss. Born in October 2008, Rory was purchased as a puppy and lived with the same family until she was recently released to CHAAMP. While she was living with multiple cats and a female Yorkie, we can't say whether she would be good with "new" pets. She's friendly with the Malamutes at her foster home. Rory loves car rides, and being brushed. With her long fur, she needs daily brushing to avoid matting.


CHAAMP is a 501c3 non-profit organization working to rescue Alaskan Malamutes and connect them with good, loving forever homes.


The Alaskan Malamute is a northern  dog breed.  They were integral to the survival of the northern people.  Today they play some of the same roles.


Join us for events and fundraisers including our annual Bake Sale.    Watch here and our Facebook page.


We hope some of these resources can help you when bringing your new dog home, provide some interesting reading, and a bit more.